I normally pop showtime on cd since its a harm and pp boost

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I normally pop showtime on cd since its a harm and pp boost

PSO2 NA Solo Heaven Hell XQ

What do you keep on meseta pso2 your sub floor palette? And what do you maintain in your true weapon palette? I always thought grim barrage was not useful about the weapon spectacle but it feels like a fantastic move to use in between strikes. I maintain Chronolapse, Grim barrage, Bullet Hail (I dont recall the NA title ), Desperado, Showtime, Chain Trigger, Crit Field ring, Shifta Essence in my sub floor. Grim barrage is the way we get around lots of the days and helps on Magatsu and Luther for to the mind fast without needing to use our jumps. It may be used as a chain finisher. Grim Barrage True Equilibrium is a great substitute for Chronolapse when you cannot hit it or are too far off.

I normally pop showtime on cd since its a harm and pp boost, crit area on boss fights is precisely the same, popping cd, in solo XQ such as this I dont pop crit field as I need to save it to get a few floor and dont need to wait between each haha, and from what I've read and spoke to a jp players, battle rn is okay, hunter is much more persistent harm tho im not completely sure since we dont habe crit speed rings for classes, but hunter has more survivability right now so that helps. I know for certain fighter becomes the"better" sub at 85 due to their improved sroll. I say better because if performed well it does more harm but some folks still go for hunter sub because its easier to play and more consistent damage.

I've been trying gunner but I started with bouncer and though it's pretty enjoyable and easy to use even in supreme quests, gunner seems way more fun and it seems like it's some mad damage. My only thing is how the hell am I supposed to stay in enemies confronts to perform more efficient harm? Bouncer has so many I-frames lol. The entire animation of Sroll is all iframes as well as Chronolapse with iframes throughout the move except between the first part and second part in which youre invulnerable. Gunslinger spin has iframes throughout the entire cartoon but its not employed for bossing and bossing.

I didn't know that. thanks. Side question, do you attempt to time for a attack out of an s-roll? Or do you just go into a PA/attack? And twist is simply great for add then right? Yeah gunslinger is only good for adds, and out of s roll there isnt really a timing, you struck a great attack the minute you are able to do an assault. Something is that using a passive on the tree, if you can because you gain damage you want to PA following an sroll. I didnt do it sometimes in the video since im also fairly new to gunner and pso2 generally but missing out on buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the 10 percent damage is so enormous.