This is the very first time playing and the ones that I have are Harden and Roy

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This is the very first time playing and the ones that I have are Harden and Roy

What really makes me laugh is the way he frequently brags about how good he thinks he is and how much better he is than the rival currently waxing himbut that NBA 2K is simply way too broken for him to demonstrate his godlike possible. Meanwhile, actual beasts in 2K21 MT NBA 2K such as Tydebo, Tjayerrday, ImjustIsaac, RJWatts, Macksauce, etc., are streaming daily, interacting with their neighborhood while moving 12-0 with ease. He thinks he would be on their level, but is just too busy. He whines, is filled with shit and complains constantly.

For people who played MyTeam GO cards get later on? This is the very first time playing and the ones that I have are Harden and Roy. I never have more than 100k at a time since im buy packs and dumb with MT. Just interested if Ill ever sniff the GO from the market.GO cards consistently drop in cost a good deal in the end of the year since 2K ends up falling these packs called duo packs that are extraordinarily juiced so a great deal of cards lose value and last year the cheapest opal was like 10-12K, right now opals will still be expensive but when 2K starts releasing cheesier cards afterward the majority of the outdated opals and old opals will lose value. They begin releasing a great deal of opals in June and may and by then cards may have lost value rare or unless their portion of a collection.

Take this with a grain of salt since I haven't really used any of those cards you have but I'd really look at selling MJ and some other auctionable PDs. If MJ is still going for around 300k plus some of the other guys, that would be enough to build an awesome team such as the rewards cards. You should do KPJ, Reddish and Covington spotlight challenges. Whatever you definitely make some good things, and frankly I find I do not actually know how to use MJ that effectively still after having him for almost two weeks now. So say that I sell MJ, Walt, some bench PDs (I'd keep Hield that I love his release) I'd probably be sitting 350-400k after taxation... do I just do a bunch of sets for tokens? That will likely only get me such as 500 tokens, and besides RJ along with the two I have, the other PD rewards are not that great. Should I get somebody like AK47 instead?

I keep hearing about those three spotlight men. Are they really worth it, as if I actually use them over some of those guys on my current group? I do not have the patience. I love the suggestions! I wouldn't suggest completing sets for tokens, that will end up being a lot of MT locked away. Perhaps you have completed domination? There's a good deal of tokens in there and you'll be able to grind tto. Purchase a solid starting 5 together with the MT to start and then grind for those 3 men, they could definitely be your bench players and therefore are worth the grind, that is why I proposed focusing on the starting 5 and your bench can be liberated reward cards.

Domination is so mind numbing idk. I have 45 stars every in regular and historic, but not one in all time. I have been doing a lot of tt offline and online as my primary source of having tokens. I will definitely look into these 3 men. For the starting 5, who should I pick up afterward? I'd require a sg/sf to substitute MJ. Oh definitely, but I think there's 663 tokens to be had if you complete all domination, not as easy as doing sets but you don't have to buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins lock any MT. Some options are PD Roy, Wiggins, Redd. You might even use Reddish, he's legit Paul George lite, same launch. Do a fast YouTube look for high budget gamers, I believe JD did one under 10k, and DBG lately did his positional ranks.