Damn what do you guys want from this match?

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Shame there's Animal Crossing Items no Brewster now around, however growing pumpkins should be enjoyable and definitely opens the doorway to the discharged vegetable growing mechanic.Vegetable growing has potential to bring me back in long term, provided that they perform over furniture using it.Exactly, whenever they incorporate a new mechanic it ultimately boils down to grinding for novelty furniture collections that I never use anyway. Idk what they should do in order to make crops interesting, unless they add cooking recipes or something, but I truly hope they could somehow make it more rewarding than themed furniture.

Oking recopies are datamined so that I think that it's a fairly safe assumption. Especially since everything else we've been given was also in the same datamine.If veggies are any sign there should be clothes since well.Might be a brand new way to make money too, harvest Moon style

Like, they might have him sell hot chocolate along with coffee.He did did that (sell hot chocolate) on Valentine's Day at New Leaf.Sure, it is possible to drink coffee and hot chocolate, but I guess that is a fantastic utilization of those veggies that're supposedly going to be inserted at a future update.Maaaaybe, with the doughnuts and sandwiches, the veggies and such will come into play, too, because I am jealous Lionel can considerably on a doughnut and that I can't. Doughnuts are flavorful Lionel, that is why you discuss with friends. Please.

I expected Brewster for collapse but I could see them attracting him for the new year or perhaps Spring?Love how they announce the farming mechanic which has been datamined months ago

Damn what do you guys want from this match? I'm stoked for the season changes and activities.I believe a part of the problem here is that AC came out just like a week following the quarantines began in the majority of the world, everybody blasted through a hundred hours in their Island because they were at home and Buy Nook Miles Ticket immediately ran out of things to do.Ours in the old games.